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Go West Sport Pickleball 

Go West Sports has 5 indoor pickleball courts that host open play, leagues and tournaments throughout the year. GWS is delighted to have you as part of our Pickleball community and we look forward to serving you and your fellow pickleball players.  

Go West Sports - 2022-23 Memberships and Pricing

Go West Sports is excited to welcome everyone back for another season of pickleball starting Sep 6. We will offer a new membership for players this season, and have adjusted some prices for the upcoming season. 



Family Membership (Free): Family memberships will provide a player the ability to reserve and pay online. 

VIP Membership ($30/year): VIP members will be able to reserve courts and sign up for leagues 14 days in advance. Members will also receive a discounted rate on court rentals, open plays, Pizza and Pickleball nights, and leagues throughout the year. 



22-23 Prices:


Court Rentals: $26 per hour Prime / $20 per hour NonPrime (VIP members $1 discount on their portion / ) 

Open Play: $11 per person ($10 for VIP Members)

Leagues: $84 per person ($77 for VIP Members) 


Reminder: All court rentals and open play sessions are free in the month of September. Registration is open on Court Reserve!


We look forward to seeing everyone on the courts this winter!


Open Play

GWS Open Play Open play is simply a predetermined time where pickleball players show up at the courts to play. Join the open play family to get in the action. Pick your skill level, day and time to join 7 other players play pickleball. 

League Play

Go West Sports Leagues are ran during the week and on the weekends. Our leagues are 8 weeks long, $92 total (1 time fee). Leagues have a rotating schedule week by week. With different levels, GWS has a Pickleball League for all players! 

Check out the CourtReserve link above to see the calendar to sign up!

Reserve Courts

Have a group you want to play with? Rent a court tody! Our 5 courts are available to rent for $26 per hour for Prime and $20 per hour for NonPrime (*total price per court). Check out the CourtReserve Link above to sign up today!

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