Go West Sports

9225 W. 10th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46234

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Separate Divisions for Boys & Girls

       2/29/20 – 8am-4:30pm        

(maximum 16 total teams)

U15 & U16 Boys

U15 & U16 Girls


      3/7/20 – 8am-10pm             

(maximum 24 total teams)

U11 & U12 Boys

U11 & U12 Girls

U13 & U14 Boys

U13 & U14 Girls


      3/14/20 – 8am-11pm           

(maximum 24 total teams) 

U9 & U10 Boys

U9 & U10 Girls

U17 & U18 & U19 Boys

U17 & U18 & U19 Girls

       $225 per Team

     Payment must be made at least 3 days prior to tournament

No Player Card Fee

$2 Spectator admission

Modified Futsal Rules

  • 5 players vs 5 players (1 of which is a goalkeeper) on the field

  • Maximum roster size is 10 players

  • Sub on the fly 

  • No offsides

  • No goalkeeper punts or drop kicks, underhanded throws only

  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a goalkeeper’s hands

  • No slide tackles, players must not go to ground to steal possession back

  • Corners and free kicks opposing team must be 3 yards away from ball

  • No throw-ins.  Ball is placed on the ground and passed in with feet

  • 16-minute halves (2) with a 3-minute half time

  • Must wear shin guards

  • Each team will need to have 2 different color shirts (home/away)

  • No gum, no spitting and no cussing

  • Referees will still have ability to card players

  • Ties will be recorded as so, UNLESS, it is a playoff game. NO overtime. Straight to PK shootout.

Payment must be received 3 days before the scheduled tournament.

Rosters/Waivers will need to be signed and turned in before your first game.

Check in (rosters, along with proof of age (IYSA player card or birth certificate) will occur 30 minutes before your first game.