10th Street Sports Center

When are your soccer leagues?

Our soccer leagues are held in the fall, from November to December, and in the spring, from January to March.

What are the age groups for the soccer leagues?

The age groups for the soccer leagues are U10, U12, U14, High School, and Adult(out of high school).

Do you have open play for soccer?

Our soccer open play is available for people 18 years or older on Monday and Wednesday from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

What are player cards and how long do they last?

Player cards are the players form of admission for the soccer leagues. They are required to play in one of our league sessions and cost $19.99. Player cards are only good for one league session.

Extra Innings West

What type of tunnels does your facility offer?

Our facility offers multi-use tunnels that come with a baseball/softball pitching machine, an L or square screen, tees, and artificial pitching mounds. We do not offer automatic pitching machines.

What is an MVP Membership?

Our MVP Membership is available for $20.00/month. Members gain access to one of our tunnels for free once a week and include other benefits as well. please call for more information regarding out MVP Membership policy.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Our facility offers walk-ins however, we highly recommend calling in advance and scheduling a time to come in to ensure there are openings available for you.

Does your facility offer private hitting/pitching lessons?

Our facility has both baseball and softball instructors. Please call for information about pricing and scheduling a lesson with one of our instructors.