Your place for indoor sports! Indy's premier west-side sports center is home to soccer, baseball, softball and the occasional football practice and games.  If interested in using our facility, don't hesitate to contact us. 

​Indoor Soccer 

The Sports Center's Indoor Soccer Field is 180 feet x 90 feet.


Indoor soccer leagues take place in all seasons.  Summer (June) and Summer II (September) are reserved for adult leagues only, while Fall (October) and Winter (January) are for all ages U10-Adult.  Contact us for more information. 


You can also hold a party for your kids or yourself on our field.  $144.00 to rent the field and many more add-ons.  See the flyer for more information. 

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10th Street Sports Center is the premier indoor soccer, baseball, softball and youth development complex in the Greater Avon area. 10th Street Sports Center offers soccer, baseball & softball to players of all ages and abilities. A nationally acclaimed youth development program teaches physical and social skills and soccer or baseball fundamentals to children from 18 months to 9 years old.


10th Street Sports Center is located in one of the fastest growing sections of Indianapolis near the corner of 10th Street and Raceway Road. 10th Street Sports Center proudly serves the communities of Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg and surrounding areas. 


Potential Customers 

•Each year, the 10th Street Sports Center will receive approximately 250,000 different visits, each over an hour in duration.

•10th Street Sports Center will be host to over 30,000 different customerseach year.

•Each player, coach or spectator will visit the complex 8-10 times onaverage each year and will spend approximately 1-1/12 hours at thefacility during each visit.


Contact us for more info on how to be a huge part in this growning community.