Go West Sports Admissions

 At Go West Sports, we have daily admissions for spectators. Our Daily Admissions are $4 per parent (13+ years old), $3 (6-12 years old) and a Family Pass of $12 (up to 6 people). 

New to Go West Sports is session long spectator passes. $25 per session for 1 Adult pass and $80 Family Pass (up to 6 people)

Rules to Adult and Family Passes:


  • Cards can be buy online or in person. They will be filled out by Employee for Which Session and Type of card purchased. All cards will be initialed by the employee.

  • Cards are available to be purchased online when signing up a team or player. If you buy a card online, please let the front desk know when you arrive week 1. 

  • These cards will be punch cards and punched each day. If passes are lost, parents must pay the daily fee or buy a replacement card for $10.

  • Cards must be punched each week to be valid.

  • Cards not present will not be valid, even if purchased online.

Due to instances of abuse in utilizing the Admission Cards, we would like to verify how the card is intended or work.

  • Admission Passes are associated with the players registration and the number of games played in the session.  If you have a child playing on a U12 team and you have 8 games per session, you are allotted 8 punches - one punch for each of the 8 games.  If you have multiple children playing on different teams, you will need to purchase an admission card for each player.  Punches are equal to one game only and punches are available for the games on the schedule for that player only.  If you have a game on Friday night, you will use one punch.  If you have a game on Sunday afternoon, you will use another punch.  One "punch" does NOT equal a weekend pass.  

  • It has come to our attention that parents with Admission Cards are using them as weekend passes - it is not a weekend pass.  Each punch is for one game for the player registered for the session.  

  • We will be writing player name and team on Admission Cards for second session/Spring 2021.